Terms & Conditions

Number of persons:
All courses are one-to-one courses. Do you need another option? Please let me know at martina@sprich-mit.com.

Durance: All courses are designed for 1-2 sessions a week. The booked course is to be completed according to this rhythm, eight weeks later at the latest. Sessions that were not used will expire after that.

Schedule: The times and dates will be planned and agreed on in the beginning of the course.

Cancellations: If you cannot attend session, please let me know 48, at least 24 hours in advance so we can find another option. Please keep in mind that the course is designed for 1-2 sessions a week and that this rhythm is to be kept.

Place: We will usually have online sessions. However, if we are at the same place it is a good opportunity to meet in person.