Which essential value do Sprichmit programmes offer me?
Sprichmit helps you feeling more at home by combining culture and language training and building your social network in an effective way.

What do Sprichmit programmes not give me?
Sprichmit is focused on supporting you to have a good social and working life in Germany. Sprichmit is not helping with bureaucratic matters and organization of flats, visa or jobs. However, if you have questions about any of these topics, I would like to help you directing you to a partner specialized in these areas. Please let me know about it.

Can I participate in the interviews?
Yes, sure, I’ll be happy to interview you, your experience is of real value! Please drop me a line: martina@sprich-mit.com

I’m not happy with the programme. What can I do?
Please feel free to talk to me or drop me a line about it. I will listen to you or read your lines attentively, get back to you and will try to find a solution. Your satisfaction and the fulfilment of your goals are my priority. For cancellations, please have a look at the agreement (see below).

What kind of atmosphere do I find working with Sprichmit?
I appreciate a very concentrated work with you, focused on your well-being in Germany. A sense of humour and ease are always included and welcome! Curiousity and openness are two essential attitudes that you can find with me. I expect you to work on your own, too, and repeat independently to achieve your goals.


Which conditions do I need to agree to working with Sprichmit?

Agreement between you and Sprichmit

Number of persons: The courses are one-to-one courses. Do you need another option? Please ask for workshops or other at martina@sprich-mit.com.

Durance: All courses are designed for at least 1-2 sessions a week. The booked course is to be completed according to this rhythm, eight weeks later at the latest. Sessions that were not used will expire after that.

Schedule: The times and dates will be planned and agreed on in the beginning of the course.

Cancellations: If you cannot attend a session, please let me know 48, at least 24 hours in advance so we can find another option. If you cancel later than this, the session will expire. Please keep in mind that the course is designed for at least 1-2 sessions a week and that this rhythm should be kept. If you cannot keep this rhythm Information about it is to be given at an early stage.

Place: We will usually have online sessions. However, if we are at the same place it is a good opportunity to meet in person.




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