7/99 – Breakfast in Germany


7 – What does a typical breakfast in Germany look like? – Haru from Japan

Yes, it can look like in the photo. A popular German saying is “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a citizen and dine like a beggar.” A large part of the population still stick to this, turning into royals on Sunday mornings.

A typical breakfast in Germany would consist of a hot drink like coffee or black tea with milk, often followed by a glass of orange juice or mineral water and, depending on the time left, of a smaller or wider range of different kinds of food. In the past, breakfast was seen and is still seen by many as an important meal that should give you strength for the day and is therefore for a lot of people rather rich. On the breakfast table you can find, for example

-different types of bread: salty and sweet, heavy and light and fluffy, made of white flour and wholemeal flour or a mix of flours, containing different seeds and kernels and herbs, in different shapes like round, square, oval
-butter (which many grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles called or call “gute Butter” which means “good Butter” as it was a rare good some decades ago), magarine or a mix of butter and rapeseed oil
-a variety of toppings like cheese and cold cuts and sprinkles as well as fruit jam
-fresh pieces or slices of cucumber, tomato, paprika, carrot and salad
-fruits like banana, apple or orange
-cereal like Cornflakes or Müsli (a lot of variations are available) with milk or joghurt
-scrambled eggs or fried eggs

The more time there is, the bigger the breakfast. At the weekend or for Birthday celebrations, many people like to brunch. Then you can see people having waffles, pancakes, cakes and tarts, fried potatoes, pasta, salad, sausages, quiches and many more. By the way, the photo was taken during a brunch among friends on a Sunday. What will you have for breakfast this weekend?



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