7/99 – Breakfast in Germany


7 – What does a typical breakfast in Germany look like? – Haru from Japan

Yes, it can look like in the photo. A popular German saying is “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a citizen and dine like a beggar.” A large part of the population still stick to this, turning into royals on Sunday mornings.

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Questions project

This is the question corner: Please email me your question on daily life in Germany, language, litterature and culture to martina@sprich-mit.com . I’ll do my best to answer it! Please email me your question on daily life in Germany, language, litterature and culture to martina@sprich-mit.com. I’ll do my best to answer it! Thank you.  

6/99 – Fast ways to learn German

6 – How to learn German the fastest way? – Andrey from Bulgaria A. You should marry a German (and other preconditions) B. How to become a Hero (training and methods) C. German Language Monsters (and how to befriend with them) A. You should marry a German (and other preconditions) At least, a popular saying goes “If you want … Read more

5/99 – Stiff house slippers

5 – Why do Germans insist on wearing these bloody house slippers? – Daniel from England Thank you for the question, David. It was coming at the right time because I went to a family party that weekend. So I had the opportunity to ask my whole family about the Hausschuh matter. I already knew my dad’s answer … Read more

4/99 – Separable verbs

4 – Why are verbs split? – Motaz Mohammed from Palestine Right, very cruel! In German, there are lots of verbs which can be split, called “separable verbs” and “trennbare Verben” in German. These verbs consist of two parts: a verb and a prefix. Most prefixes are prepositions, but they are occasionally adverbs, nouns, or … Read more

3/99 – German beer culture

3 – Why do German people like drinking beer? – Chi To Tang from Hong Kong Beer is Germany’s national drink. There are more than 1300 breweries and 100 liters per person are drunken per year. Germany is the beer country number three in the world, only citizens in the Czech Republic and Austria surpass the … Read more

2/99 – Der, die, das?!

2 – Why do you have articles in German language? – Jakas from Lithuania “Der”, “die” or “das”, “ein” or “eine”?!? Articles, but actually their declination according to gender, case and number they carry are challenging and annoying to many learners of German and a constant worry, including Mark Twain who grumbled a lot about … Read more

1/99 – Souvenirs

1 – What would be good souvenirs from Germany to give to my family and friends? – Parvinder from India There are many options. Let’s first think about the inexpensive ones in case you want to bring more souvenirs. You could bring Leibniz cookies in a nice box if available in your supermarket, a bottle … Read more

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