1/99 – Souvenirs

kuckuksuhren1 – What would be good souvenirs from Germany to give to my family and friends? – Parvinder from India
There are many options. Let’s first think about the inexpensive ones in case you want to bring more souvenirs. You could bring Leibniz cookies in a nice box if available in your supermarket, a bottle of beer, little pretzels also available in the supermarket. Marzipan sweets from Lübeck or Werthers Echte bonbons are quite popular.
According to the season you can bring nice chocolate Easter eggs or chocolate Santa Claus.
If you are travelling, you have the possibility to buy regional specialties like Spätzle noodles, Hamburg miniature ships, a captain’s hat, Aachener Printen cookies and other cloth or food specialties – every town and region have their own.
If you’re okay with spending more money, you could bring a tankard, a cuckoo clock, leather trousers or a Steiff teddy. If you’re a wealthy guy, send a Mercedes Benz or a BMW.

Foto: https://goo.gl/aTDctm by Olga Khomitsevich

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